Spectacular sonic wonders at Audio Show Deluxe.

Absolute Sounds – “the UK’s leading distributor of high-end audio equipment” – is set to host four spacious rooms at Audio Show Deluxe 2024, where extraordinary systems and spellbinding demonstrations await fans of fabulous audio finery.

These rooms contain carefully curated systems at different high-end price points, from the compact and immensely capable Copland/Franco Serblin combination in Syndicate 12, to an astonishing cost-no-object experience in Imola.

Illustrious audio equipment makers featured in these systems include Analog Relax, Copland, Dan D’Agostino, darTZeel, dCS, DeVore Fidelity, Döhmann Audio, EAT, Franco Serblin, HSE Swiss, Magico, Reed, Trafomatic Audio and Wilson Audio, with products from Constellation Audio, Krell, PrimaLuna, Robert Koda and Western Electric also on display.

Bill McKiegan (President of Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems) and Mark Döhmann (founder of Döhmann Audio) will be present at the show, working alongside the Absolute Sounds crew.

WIN! Led Zep II LP – Robert Ludwig’s “hot mix”

Absolute Sounds is offering showgoers the chance to win an ultra-rare vinyl pressing of Led Zeppelin II, featuring Robert Ludwig’s “hot” mastering. This legendary version of the LP was withdrawn after its release in 1969 and replaced by a more subdued mix, because its extreme dynamics and high bass levels caused low-grade cartridges to mistrack – it’s the only version that matters to the most discerning of Led Zep lovers!

Further details of the components featured in the four Absolute Sounds systems are below.

Equipment from Audio Research – also distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds – features in the room hosted by Innuos, alongside dCS electronics and Transparent cables.






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