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Scott Wainwright is a Yorkshire-based singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. His music draws from various musical genres including Blues, Gospel, Folk, Jazz and Hip Hop as well as various ‘World’ musics, such as African, Hawaiian, and Indian.

Working with acoustic fingerstyle and bottleneck guitar, harmonica, and occasional ukulele, Scott draws on his wide love for these types of music and celebrates the joy of pure creativity.

Writing and performing both vocal and instrumental pieces, Scott records regularly and now has a vast and diverse back catalogue of material. He has released numerous albums; EP’s and singles over the years, which have ranged in style from ‘Electric Blues and Hip Hop’ fusions (Every Man Has His Critics), to solo instrumental guitar workouts (What We Cannot Hold). In between these releases, there have been regular bouts of ‘Lo-Fi’ folk (All That Glitters is Not Gold) and the odd dabbling as an acoustic balladeer (Whispers from a Kind River), whilst often drifting through the more experimental country blues sound that can be found on his ‘Strangers Here’ album.

A number of Scott’s songs have been given the remix treatment, taking his rural blues style into Dubstep and Synth-wave genres.

His last four albums have explored the guitar instrumentally starting with 2018’s ‘Talking Backwoods’ album blending ‘American Primitive’ guitar styles with modern-day electronics, whilst his more recent ‘Guitar Trilogy’, starting in 2019 with ‘Sentimental Debris’ and finishing in 2021 with ‘Heavy Manners’ are an exploration in solo acoustic guitar minimalism. All these recent albums have received rave reviews from critics and fans alike.

All of Scott’s work evokes a wide range of emotions and feelings from his listeners, as he tackles subjects such as love, life, death, loss, hope and the possibility of being ‘wrong’ about everything.

Over the last few years, Cerys Matthews has played a number of Scott’s songs on her ‘Blues Show’ on BBC Radio 2, which has generated a wider interest in his work.
Throughout the year, Scott can be found playing extensive shows all over the UK. Every performance is delivered with creativity, passion and a large dose of homespun humour. In January 2023, Scott will release his next album, ‘Dark Money’, which is a collection of longer-form vocal pieces, blues, folk, and roots songs, and just a a dash of questing spiritual jazz.

                           What the Critics say:

Wow! Blown away by this…A mix of Folk, Country Roots and Blues brilliance… A subtle marraige of the past and future, this is instrumental bliss. If you dig Steve Gunn et al  you’ll love it! MORE PLEASE… Recommended.

      – Matt Bradshaw – Jumbo Records

Scott’s music will tell you exactly where his musical heart lies with some perfect picking and a respectable homage to the genre…

     – Leeds Music Scene

There’s bits of country, bits of blues, a smidgen of hip hop and a smattering of Captain Beefheart in there and the tunes are unpolished, unrefined and sincere. This is not to suggest the tunes aren’t well crafted, they are, it’s more of a comment on the insight into the writer and musician that you get with this kind of unadulterated, straightforward and unpretentious record…

     – HIFI PIG